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10 Things I Am Grateful For Right Now

During these difficult times, I know a lot of people are finding it harder than usual to feel grateful for the things we have around us. Being away from family members, friends and lives being different in a lot of ways for most people is challenging, and can feel like there's nothing to be grateful for. For this reason, I've decided that to stay positive, I am going to create this post full of things that I am currently grateful for in my life.

I would love for this post to share the positivity, get you thinking about what you are grateful for in your lives, and to think about the positives over the negatives, no matter how hard it may seem. Here are 10 things that I am grateful for personally in my life right now.

1. My little family.

I mention this quite a lot, especially over on instagram, but it's just so true! George, Tink and Lucky are keeping me so positive, happy and are making me feel needed, even on the worst days when I'm feeling low. George does have a lot to deal with when it comes to my moods and I'm so grateful for him being here with me and helping in all the many ways he does. Our little family (I absolutely love saying that, if you hadn't realised already haha!) is what keeps me going and is definitely my favourite thing in my life.

2. My business.

As you may already know, I am in the very beginning stages of opening my own online craft store! There is a lot I could explain about this one at the minute, but i'll be leaving all the details for another post as it'd be a lot to get into! There have so many things to get done for it and i've been working on all my things I'm getting closer and closer to the launch, which is really exciting! I'm very grateful that I am able to be setting this up, and have had the opportunity to really make something of it - hopefully! The shop will be selling a variety of different items such as greetings cards, postcards, stickers, planner stickers, printable planner stickers, foiled items and it's something that I have been working very hard on recently, which I hope will pay off soon!

3. Future Planning.

For pretty much as long as I can remember, I hated looking into the future. Due to my mental health and the issues I have had for many years, thinking about the future was just the worst to me, and I tried my absolute hardest to just take things day by day and not panic myself by looking too far. Recently, George and I have been speaking a lot more about our future and how we would like things to go, so that we can get a start on things and I have never been so excited! I'm very grateful for the chance to have this future, and that things are looking up.

4. Feeling More Positive.

Kind of linked in from the last post, feeling more positive is something that I am extremely grateful for. If you had have told me a few years ago, or just a few months ago even, that things would be the way that they are now, I would never have believed it. Things have changed quite a lot in a short space of time and I am so glad that they have.

5. Taking Huge Steps Forward.

I am also grateful for things feeling that much better, that I have been able to do something for the first time EVER. This may seem silly to some people, but for over half my life I have had struggles with phone calls. As a child I hated it, but calls to places such as the doctors etc. were made for me as I was under 18. When it came to doing things for myself, it terrified me to answer or make phone calls to anyone I didn't know, for appointments or anything really except for my close family and friends. Very recently, I overcame that and managed to make the first phone call to make a step forward for my business and it's something I'm pretty proud of myself for managing to do. It may seem like something so small, but to me it's something i've struggled with for such a long time that it felt like such a huge achievement, and I'm very grateful that things have gone in a positive way for me - something I never felt would happen.

6. Our dogs' happiness.

There are a lot of opinions on how dogs should be treated, I have pretty strong ones myself if i'm honest! I have had comments in the past that I'm over-the-top in ways with mine (which I personally don't see as an issue - my dogs are like my children and for them to have as much as I can give them is something I definitely don't see as a bad thing in the slightest! To be honest, I'll probably be creating a post on this pretty soon as I feel quite strongly about this, so I'll link that in when it's up!).

The two of them have been so happy recently, and there's just something about it that makes me feel so grateful that they are happy, have the things they need and that we are able to do everything for them that keeps them feeling the way they do. I'd much rather see them comforted and happy. It's hard to explain, but it's just one of those things I can pick up on with them, as I'm sure you'd be able to with your own dogs also!

7. Having My Blog.

Finally taking the step to publish my blog has been something I'm so glad I did! I have so many posts sat in my 'drafts' section that I'm either second-guessing myself on, unsure whether or not to share, if they're good enough and all other things like that, but it's been something I've loved doing, and has kept me occupied with all the things going on. I'm so grateful to have started when I did, as it's given me more of a focus while things in the world are so different.

8. Being Able To Afford The Basic Things.

As always, I'm so grateful to have access to the basics that tend to be taken for granted. Things such as a roof over my head (I will most likely be writing a post at some point around the issues i've had and how I came through them, but at the minute it's still a pretty tough subject to be talking about publically!) and food on the table - all the basic things that I know a lot of people don't really think about. I'm very grateful to have the things I need to be able to live comfortably, and to be able to afford things for myself and the pups.

9. TV Shows/YouTube.

This one is something a little less deep haha, but having the YouTube channels I love to watch, along with shows over on Netflix and other services like these are something I love being able to have on in the background while I'm typing up my blog posts, creating products for my business or just anything really! I hate sitting in silence while doing things and so having things playing has been something I'm grateful to be able to have. I'm writing a few posts on these as well, so will definitely be sharing lists of YouTubers I watch, and shows I've loved in case any of you are looking for recommendations!

10. The Blogging Community.

Over on my Instagram, there have been so many lovely bloggers that I have been in contact with slightly through comments, and everyone is just so supportive of each other which I love! I actually got a message from one lovely blogger in particular tonight called Laura, who's blog I have loved reading, and she's just the sweetest person ever! I'm so glad she reached out to me and I wanted to include her blog, as I'm sure you'd love her posts as much as I do! Take a read of Laura's blog posts here. I'm just so grateful for all of the lovely people out there!

Taking the time to reflect on how things are in my life right now, and getting together a list of 10 things i'm grateful for has been such a lovely thing to do and I would 100% recommend for you to do the same - whether you have your own blog to post yours onto, sharing over on your social media pages or even just writing a list in your notepad, it's definitely something you should do! I hope you are all doing well, coping with how things are going right now, and are staying safe! Please do message if ever you need someone to chat to, I'm always more than happy to help where I can!

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