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40 Things On My Bucket List

I love the idea of having a bucket list of things I want to do in my life at some point. The thought of having these things as hopes for the future and what I would like to achieve is such a lovely thing to me, the thought of helping out with different things in particular, which you'll probably notice when reading.

There are so many things that I see online, hear about somewhere or just love the sound of, and think to myself, ‘I’d love to do that!’. I decided to try documenting everything altogether, and there are quite a lot - some a lot more random than others haha. So, here are over 40 things that are on my bucket list!

1. Own a home

I've always longed for the day I could move out into my own place, have the rooms decorated exactly as I'd like, being able to make the decisions in the house etc! Whenever I walk around the home section of shops, I find such lovely things that I can see myself getting in the future. I'm getting closer to this every day and it's so exciting!

2. Get a tattoo

I've never had any tattoos or piercings in the past, but I LOVE tattoos and have so many in mind that I want to get!

3. Visit my childhood home

I moved out of this particular home when I was 7, and I can only just picture the house! It's possibly due to old home movies also, but I would absolutely love one day to just go and take a look around again.

4. Get married

If you told me a few years back that this would be on my bucket list, i'd have laughed! Due to my anxiety, the thought of getting married and all eyes being focused on me terrified me, and so as much as I loved the thought, I never wanted to get married myself. I've since changed my mind on this and am quite excited for the day to come (in the future, of course!)

5. Have children

6. Have a family photo shoot

I love how professional photos look, and as much as I hate having my photo taken I think once I have children, I'll get past it and want lots of photos as they grow up!

7. Wear coloured contacts

I hate the thought of putting things in or near my eyes, I have no clue why! But i've always loved the idea of getting coloured contacts, just to see what I'd look like really! Even if it was something as simple as for a Halloween costume.

8. Decorate my dream home

9. Become a successful business owner

I have recently opened my own store, www.roselilyplans.co.uk and i'm so excited to see where it will go!

10. Stay at a top holiday resort

11. Spend a week in a different country

12. Milk a cow

Random, I know!

13. Host a dinner party

I'd love to have something elegant, where a few family members come over for dinner and everyone dresses up, making an effort, and finding set gifts and things like that for my guests! I just think it would be fun, and definitely something we'll all remember.

14. Learn to use chopsticks

This has always bugged me that I can't do it!

15. Indoor skydive

Some family members of mine have done this before. I'd never get the courage to jump out of a plane or anything, especially with hating heights, so this seemed pretty interesting to me.

16. Adopt a dog from a rescue centre

I hate the thought of dogs being in a centre with no owners, and so if I could give them a good life and lots of love and attention, it would be amazing. I have plans to have sooo many dogs throughout my life, they're just the best things!

17. Volunteer at a children's hospital

18. Recreate a childhood photo

19. Create a time capsule to open in the future

20. Become an organ donor

21. Donate blood

22. Do a random act of kindness

Whether it's for someone I know anonymously, or a stranger, I'd just love to do make someone's day a little brighter.

23. Make a huge donation of items to an animal rescue centre

Again, to help out the animals, I'd love to bulk buy food, beds, blankets etc and donate them all to a rescue centre to help out as much as possible.

24. Donate to the homeless at Christmas

Myself and George actually did this last year and it was such an amazing feeling that we helped others, and so I would love to make it an annual thing.

25. Pay for the meal of the person behind me at a drive-through

26. Send a care package to someone less fortunate

27. Serve food at a soup kitchen

28. Volunteer at an animal rescue centre

29. Sponsor a wish through the Make A Wish Foundation

30. Have a fundraiser for an important cause

31. Write a letter to my future self to open in 10 years time

32. Learn to ice skate

33. Watch the sunset on the beach

34. Learn to play piano

35. Make a huge impact to someone's life

36. Live in my hometown again

I've wanted to move back to the area I previously mentioned, pretty much since we left. It just is a nicer place in my opinion and I hope to live there again someday.

37. Have a successful blog!

Thank you so so much for reading this post, you're appreciated so much I can't even explain it and are helping me achieve this!

38. Get to my ideal weight and maintain it

39. Go on a shopping spree for both myself and my family

I'd love to take a large amount of money out with myself and someone I love, and tell them they couldn't go home until they'd spent the full amount! I just think it'd be such a lovely day out, no matter what it was.

40. Celebrate big events in my own home

I've always wanted to be able to create my perfect Christmas that I have in my mind - with the perfect decorations and everything just the way I'd like it, it may seem strange but it's something i've always loved thinking about!)

I'd definitely recommend creating a list, just taking some time to think about the things you would like to accomplish throughout your lifetime, It's something so positive. I know that looking into the future can be scary sometimes, so getting together a list of happy experiences can be a huge help!

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