• Jaimie Wilsher

7 Bloggers You Should Be Following On Instagram

When it comes to Instagram accounts and choosing who to follow, I absolutely love aesthetics. When an account’s photos on their feed all match, with them all going along a similar theme I’m way more likely to follow them. I just love this kind of thing! This is not at all against accounts that do not have themes, sharing whatever YOU want to is the purpose of Instagram, I just personally love aesthetically pleasing photos!

As I was scrolling through my account (which you can find here), I noticed that there were so many bloggers whose accounts I absolutely loved, and so I thought it’d be fun to share some of the beautiful feeds that I have come across, to give you a few ideas of who to follow if you are wanting to support bloggers! So, here are 7 bloggers you should be following on Instagram!

1. Amylivingwithme

The first account I would like to mention on this blog post, is @amylivingwithme. This account is run by Amy, who posts all about her life and invisible illnesses. Amy has ME/CFS and PCOS, and has actually been featured on my blog before!

Amy was kind enough to answer some questions for me on her planning journey, which you can read here. Amy’s feed is gorgeous, as is every account I’ve mentioned here, and she is such a positive person! Despite the struggles she has, she manages to still be uplifting and inspirational, and I would 100% recommend taking a read at her blog as well as following her over on Instagram!

Instagram Blog Planner Instagram

2. Rushandteal

@rushandteal is run by Allie, a lifestyle blogger from London. When I found Allie’s account, I instantly knew I was going to love the posts she shared, and it is truly one of my favourite to keep up to date with! There’s just something about the theme she currently has going through her photos that is just so aesthetically pleasing, and her 10.7k current followers show that I’m not the only one to think this!

Allie’s most recent post was something I didn’t know I needed to read at that exact moment in time. Both the quote in the picture as well as the caption were just so lovely and shows how much Allie cares about her following, which I also think is something very important!

Blog Instagram

3. Sweetpblog

Sweetpblog is run by Phoebe, who is a lifestyle and beauty blogger. Again, when I first saw Phoebe’s account, I knew I had to follow and keep up to date with the gorgeous pictures she shares!

I took a look over at Phoebe's blog recently, and one thing I noticed that I had to mention was her ‘welcome’ section on the home page. She says;

"This is my blog where I post about all the sweet things in life and moments that are worth remembering"

and I thought this was such a lovely thing to read! You can find the blog here.

Blog Instagram

4. Thelifelearner

@thelifelearner is run by Willow, who chats all about slow-living, wellbeing and she just shares such eye-opening posts in my opinion! One in particular that I read was this photo, shared on 29th April. The caption, which you should take a read of, was honestly amazing.

Blog Instagram

5. Gabbyabigaill

Gabby’s posts and captions are always so positive and upbeat. As I’m sure you will have figured out by now, things such as quotes, positivity, self-care related content and honesty with what you’re saying is something I tend to gravitate towards with accounts, and Gabby has all of these things for sure! One caption in particular that I read of Gabby’s, she says the following;

“It’s hard to find the motivation to post during times like these, but if there is anything I can say to spread some hope and light in the midst of darkness, I will”.

I just loved this so much, as it shows the reality that I’m sure so many people are feeling in these current times, but that Gabby will continue to do what she can to lift people’s spirits, which is just amazing to me.

Blog Instagram

6. justsoelina

As she states in her bio, Elina is

"Creating heartfelt content with the purpose of empowering others’".

This just says it all, and could not have been a more perfect description of Elina’s posts! One of Elina’s posts in particular, which was created for World Mental Health Day 2019, was sharing some reminders that I think are super important, and that more people should be reminding themselves of!

Blog Instagram

7. lifebychantal

Chantal doesn’t actually have a blog linked to her Instagram account, but her photos fit this post so well that I wanted to include her! She has a second page full of flatlay photos, another thing I absolutely love and could spend hours scrolling through, which you can find linked below.

Main Instagram Flatlay Instagram

I have been thinking about possibly creating more of these types of posts, possibly with specific blog niches, planner/snail mail accounts etc., so please let me know if this is something you’d like to read! I’d love for you to go and follow all of the amazing bloggers I’ve mentioned, I’m sure they’d appreciate your support just as much as I do!

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