• Jaimie Wilsher

How To Be Productive When You Have No Motivation

I’m sure we can all agree there are days we have felt like we just don’t want to do anything. Even the smallest tasks feel like a mission to get done and motivation levels are just at zero. I for sure have felt this way many times. You can be productive in multiple ways, and I wanted to share some tips with you on how I personally tackle this issue.

Grab a pen and paper and jot down everything you feel you have to do. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed at this stage, we’ll get that list looking much more manageable very soon. Once you have written your list, take a proper look at those tasks you have given to yourself. Put them in priority order – Is there anything on the list you absolutely have to get done today? Are there things on your list you could push back until tomorrow, when you’ll possibly feel more up to it? If they can be moved to another day throughout the week and are not essential tasks, doing those on a zero-motivation day probably isn’t the best idea for yo

Take each of those tasks on your list, and break them down. This is super important when planning out what you’ll do as it helps to do each individual thing step-by-step, and takes away some of that overwhelming feeling we have when there is just so much to do. I don’t know about you, but if I have a bunch of huge tasks I have to get done, I just don’t know where to start, I get stressed and overwhelmed, sitting staring at my tasks. To be honest, that section of the day I spend worrying about what I have to do, is time that could have been used on the starting steps of completing them, and ticking them off. (taking a pen and crossing out or ticking off each task is an added bonus to this tip, as the feeling once your list has been cut down and seeing that visually can be so rewarding!)

For a lot of us, ‘baby steps’ can really help calm the situations. Finding that motivation to do something small can be easier than the overall huge tasks you may be setting yourself. Take each task, break them down into smaller tasks, and try going through those throughout the day.

Your well-being is one hundred percent the priority of the situation, and there is most likely an underlying reason for you to be feeling demotivated. It’s okay to take time for yourself – in fact, you SHOULD! You are important, and you deserve to be looked after. You may have been working yourself too hard, in any way from physically working, being emotionally affected by things or are just having a bit of a meh day. That’s OKAY! The typical ‘being productive 24/7’ thing just isn’t realistic, and whether you take a few minutes, hours, days etc. you need to take time for YOU.

This is just one of many ideas out there to help you feel more productive, but it is a very personal topic. There are so many reasons you could be feeling demotivated. There are so many ways to help improve your motivation levels, and maybe this specific process just isn’t for you. That’s completely fine! It’s all about trial and error with what helps you, there’s no right or wrong, and I’m sure there are hundreds of other suggestions that you could take a look through all over the web!

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