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Interviewing Emily (Eharveyart)

We had a chat with the lovely Emily of Eharveyart, who answered a few questions for us about her business and illustrations! Emily is a HUGE inspiration to me personally, and I am so so grateful that she took the time to chat with me!

Hi my name is Emily and I’m an illustrator from the outskirts of Manchester. I’ve worked in the animation industry since I left uni back in 2013, however it wasn’t until my son was born in early 2019 that I decided to build my own business creating illustrated products as well as a Youtube Channel where I documented my journey in my studio.

I’ve always been a creative person but I grew up wanting to work for Disney and to be an animator. I went to college and got my university degree in animation. However it wasn’t until I struggled to get a job as an animator, I bought a Wacom tablet and started drawing digitally. From there I moved into concept art for animation and went down that path!

Honestly I didn’t know it was a path! Back in school I was drawing a lot and teacher pointed out that I should look at a brand new course being offered at a local college for animation. It was only then I realised I could try and pursue this as a career.

I definitely think you need your own creative space when doing your work. If you don’t have enough space to dedicate a whole room to this, maybe just a corner of a bedroom. But have a space that you can go to and be creative. If you just draw from bed or the couch sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between work time and leisure time. For me to be productive I need to have a space to switch off so having a seperate office I can close the door to when I’m done for the day helps! 

I currently sell all sorts of printed goodies. I really love to draw characters so all of my items have them. From prints, to bookmarks, badges to stickers.

Being freelance means you work for yourself and are hired to work on different projects with different companies. There are so many pros and cons to being a freelancer. Although the flexibility to work when you like and on projects you want to work on is great, sometimes not knowing when money is coming in can be scary. I’ve worked both in house for animation studios and as a freelancer and loved both experiences. I do think it’s work trying to get into studios to work with a team and build experience. It also leaves you with lots of great contacts which helps when you go freelance!

I love that I can choose my own hours. Now that I have a little boy, I can’t work long hours like I used to. Being able to have a day off with him or just work in the evening is essential right now.

Every time I illustrate something I try to get better so my favourites constantly change. Earlier in the year I created a Be Kind illustration. I really like the simple message behind it. With her looking at her phone with a smile I wanted to show how kindness over the internet is so important. I made it into a print with a portion going to the mental health charity Papyrus UK.

How would you describe your style? Oh that’s hard! Warm, colourful and with some character.

I find Instagram and Pinterest are my 2 places I go if I’m stuck or need some inspiration. 

I just love digitally painting and bring something to life whether it’s a character or a prop. Recently I’ve brought out sticker packs which have meant drawing more objects. It’s been fun to do that as back when I worked in Animation that was my job.

So like I said earlier, I did Art in my GCSE’s. Then I went on to do a BTEC in Animation and Game Design. Then from there I studied Animation Arts at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA) at Bournemouth University. I’ve loved all of my training in Animation, however it wasn’t until I left uni and struggled to get a job that I bought a tablet and started working in illustration. So although most of what I do now is self taught, I’m so glad I had those experiences and learnt the process of animation. I think it’s helped me work so well with studios.

Recently I brought out my first enamel pin and it’s has gone down brilliantly. I did a Kickstarter for the pin which reached its goal in a couple of hours which blew my mind! 

Patreon is a website for creators to make exclusive content to people who ‘pledge’ money to help support that creator. I’ve wanting to start one for a while to help pay for things like ink or paper. Just something to help cover those costs. However I didn’t have the time to dedicate to it when my baby was born last February. So I waited and decided to launch in the November. It’s been such an amazing 6 months over there and I’m about to hit 150 Patrons which is a big milestone for me! Depending on how much you pledge each month, there are podcasts, colouring sheets, illustrated wallpapers, tutorials and goodie boxes sent to you bimonthly.

Advice to other artists would be, no matter how successful you get, you will always compare to others and feel like you’re not good enough. The key is to just focus on your own growth and to see how far you’ve come. You could be comparing yourself to someone who’s been doing it for 20 years. So just keep practicing and learning new skills and you will go so far.

My biggest tip would be to not give up. In can be slow to start with and to grow a following. Just focus on your work and make things you enjoy and are passionate about and people will be drawn to you. Also don’t compare yourself too much!!




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